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Corinth has signed an exclusivity agreement with a US based company for the production of Certified Seed Potatoes based on a proprietary Aeroponic Green Technology, “Potatoes out of Ground”, PoGTM”.
Conventionally, the cultivation of seed potato in the ground is, to a certain degree, globally consistent. It is a process of multiplication (also referred to as propagation), which is a repetitive cyclical activity that spans several years. Each generation produced in the ground must pass certification tests to qualify for further propagation. “Certified-Seed” must be approved and certified by the designated authority before it is made available for sale to other seed or ware potato growers. Seed that fails certification is downgraded to ware potato. If the downgrading is attributed to bacterial contamination, the grower’s financial strain could be exacerbated further by the potential irreversible damage afflicted to his/her land, therefore, the downgrading of a seed crop to ware potatoes can be financially devastating to a potato-seed grower. Seed tubers that do not pass the certification process, which is based on specific standard requirements pertaining to the level of viral contaminants, are rejected and downgraded to ware potatoes. Generally, whether seeds are produced in Europe or North America, seed production is heavily regulated to prevent the potential spread of diseases.
The PoGTM cultivation of potato tubers will be drastically reducing the propagation cycle, so-called Time-to-Market, from nine to two field generations. Additionally, this innovative proprietary technology reduces the Total Operating Cost and secures the sustainability and availability of Certified Seed Potatoes, as it is less dependent on soil and climate changes.
The project has a powerful combination of attractive ESG features and superior functionality compared to the conventional seed potato production. Its widespread use will help the world to produce the highest amount of Certified Seed Potatoes with the least consumption of natural resources.