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Corinth Group of Switzerland
40 years identifying sustainable projects
Corinth Group identifies exciting and sustainable investment opportunities that generate strong returns for investors in our fund and better outcomes for our planet.
Our confidence in the future is based on our experience in the past. For 40 years+ Corinth Group has helped to turn dreams into reality for innovative sustainability projects around the world.
Ability to source diverse opportunities
Proven ability to identify global growth opportunities
Sector Allocation
A Hospitality 21.4%

B Waste to Energy Project 15.3%

C Office Building 14.0%

D Residential 12.2%

E Solar and Batteries 7.2%

F Solar 4.8%

G Agriculture 3.1%

H Plywood Production Plant 2.8%

I Horticulture 2.6%

J Nature/Marine Park 2.6%

K Urban Water Purification 2.2%

L Gold Mineral Treatment & Refinery Plant 1.5%

M Other 10.3%

Geographic Exposure
USA €103.2 mln

United Kingdom €53.6 mln

Puerto Rico €46.2 mln

Indonesia €39.6 mln

Germany €27.0 mln

Croatia €27.0 mln

Malaysia €22.2 mln

Austria €18.0 mln

Mozambique €11.6 mln

Thailand €10.7 mln

Mexico €9.9 mln

Vietnam €8.2 mln

Austria €18.0 mln

Portfolio highlights
Years insight & history
Of past transactions
Years of combined
relevant expertise
Countries invested
The Corinth Group origination engine
40+ years’ experience identifying global growth opportunities

‒ Corinth Investment Holdings AG
‒ Corinth Investments AG
‒ Corinth Investment Services AG
‒ Corinth Management Services AG
United Kingdom

‒ Corinth Management Services Ltd
‒ Corinth GF Insurance Brokers
‒ Corinth Project Management Ltd
‒ Corinth Investment Management Services Ltd
South Africa

– Corinth Management Services Ltd

– Corinth Management Services Ltd
– Corinth Capital Fund
– Corinth Fund Management
United Arab Emirates


– Dubai Feeder Fund under incorporation
– Dubai Company under incorporation


– Corinth Management Services India Pvt Ltd
– Indian Fund under incorporation
The Corinth culture unites a diverse group of exceptional talent from around the world.
We recruit and retain people with very different personal and professional backgrounds because we value the broader perspective that this gives to help serve our clients. In order to optimise the full range of insights around the table, we have
built an open, inclusive culture that encourages everyone to speak up and be heard.
Our mission
Listen to, understand, and act in the best interests of our clients.
Strive to find solutions to create a more sustainable future.


We go the extra mile for the sake of investors, project owners and the future of our planet


Working as one global team we are stronger than the sum of our parts


Intellectual rigour and a fierce appetite for detail are the cornerstones of our success


Optimise the talents of diverse people from across the world

A unique investment model…
Private equity assets, fixed income returns


Clear investment focus:
‒ Controlling stakes
‒ ESG Focus
‒ Europe, Asia
‒ Predictable, contracted cash flows
Established due
diligence process:
‒ Primary
‒ Insurability
‒ Independent detailed
‒ External commercial
‒ Principal capital insurance
ensures undisrupted inflows
from investee in case of
payment default
Flexible financing:
‒ Convertible loan notes for controlling stake
‒ Project owner pledges
shares to Corinth giving it
effective control
Value creation:
‒ Board level representation
throughout to partner with
management to execute and monitor the value creation plan
Controlled sale:
‒ Joint venture agreements
dictate preferred exit route
‒ Drag along or tag along
clauses ensure Corinth’s control
of exit process


40+ year’s experience identifying projects Dedicated internal expertise and external professionals Dedicated internal insurance – Corinth GF Insurance Brokers Funds are invested in the selected projects through Corinth Capital Fund Dedicated internal resource – Corinth Project Management
Board controls projects
Internal team assesses the
projects to realise the return and exit on the right timing

A systematic approach to ESG monitoring

Consistent reporting across the portfolio by a dedicated team of industry experts

‒ Consistent portfolio-wide ESG performance monitoring is rare in private equity firms
‒ Lack of consistency and transparency makes it difficult for investors to compare ESG risk exposure
‒ Corinth has developed a unique approach as a sustainability-focused investor.

The Corinth Approach

Systematic approach to ESG assessment and performance monitoring comprising:


Three dedicated specialists focused on collecting, monitoring and reporting ESG data from across the portfolio


Cloud-based specialist ESG software
Relevant data available on central dashboards
Facilitates collection and reporting
Flags risks/opportunities


ESG criteria is integral across the investment lifecycle
Dedicated internal resources and network of external ESG DD experts
ESG is a core part of investment approval